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Melchers Malasia

Melchers Malasia is an institutional website to publicize commercial activities involving a wide range of machinery, industrial materials, construction, testing and calibration equipment.

Melchers Malasia Homepage


Redesign the website and turn it into a simple, responsive and easy to navigate that was in line with the Merchers Group’s brand guidelines.


4 weeks


Computer, Tablet and Mobile

What was accomplished

Wireframe • UX/UI Design • Web Design

01. Fonts and Buttons

To express the content in visually distinct ways and maintain readability, various font styles were used. It is the Hind Madurai font used throughout the website.

Heading 1

Heading 3

Heading 4

Lorum ipsum dolor sit amet.

[email protected]

02. Wireframes

From the project objective, two wireframes were created, one on paper and the other digital.

Wireframe de papel Melchers Malasia
Wireframe digitalBGHRA

03. Web Design

The website has a simple structure with readable text, images and buttons. The interface is intuitive and responsive.

Melchers Pagina Contact Us
Home Page Website Melchers
Melchers Pagina About
About Page Website Melchers
Home Page Website Melchers 2

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