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Butterfly Effect

Butterfly Effect  is a coaching service offering website focused on women’s empowerment.

Butterfly Effect Homepage


Create a website in two languages, responsive, easy to navigate and that allows users to schedule sessions.


2 months


Computer, Tablet and Mobile

What was accomplished

Wireframe • UX/UI Design • Web Design

01. Logotipo

A logo based on pink and green was developed. Pink was chosen because it is aimed at a female audience and evokes playfulness. Green for being an invigorating color that represents the connection with ourselves and personal growth.

Claudia Machado
Claudia Machado

02. Colors

The colors  used on the website were defined based on the logo colors.



03. Fonts e Buttons

To express the content in visually distinct ways and maintain readability, various font styles were used. This is the Raleway font used throughout the website.

Heading 1

Heading 3

Heading 4

Lorum ipsum dolor sit amet.

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04. Wireframes

Based on the project’s objective, two wireframes were designed, one on paper and the other digital.

Wireframe de papel Butterfly Effect

05. Web Design

The website has a simple structure with readable text, animations, images and buttons. The interface is intuitive, interactive and responsive.

Butterfly Effect Abou us
Sessão 1 do website da Butterfly Effect
Butterfly Effect about
Sessão 2 do website da Butterfly Effect
Sessão 3 do website da Butterfly Effect

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