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BGHRA Academy

BGHRA Academic  is a website for offering courses and is part of the BGHRA project.

BGHRA Academy Homepage


Redesign the website and turn it into a simple, responsive and easy to navigate onepage.


2 weeks


Computer, Tablet and Mobile

What was accomplished

Wireframe • UX/UI Design • Web Design

01. Fonts and Buttons

To visually express the content distinctly and maintain readability, various font styles were used. This is the Jost font used throughout the website.

Heading 1

Heading 3

Heading 4

Lorum ipsum dolor sit amet.

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02. Wireframes

From the project objective, two wireframes were created, one on paper and the other digital.

Wireframe de papel BGHRA
Wireframe digitalBGHRA

03. Web Design

The website has a simple structure with readable text, images and buttons. The interface is intuitive and responsive.

Casa Onze Pagina do Carrinho
Home BGHRA 2
Conferences BGHRA

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